DJI Livox Lidar


Looking for the ultimate Lidar system for the DJI Matrice? sub 5cm accuracy, 260-meter range, 35+ minutes scanning time. Want to know the price? Leave a comment below and we will get in touch. Introducing the LiAirV LiVOX system integration for the DJI M210, M210 RTK, M300 RTK, and other drones/UAV systems. Designed for versatility, ease-of-use, and...

Unique Drone in the Army

VICKSBURG, Miss. (Feb. 14, 2020) -- As the installation asset mapping project nears completion, the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Manager Jenny Laird said she feels proud of her team. “This has been a two-year project in the making, and it’s a huge accomplishment for our group, the...

Ancol Beach FPV Fun – Mini X210 G10 (Maleo)


It was my first time to fly at Antjol (Ancol) Beach, where located at Northern of Jakarta, Indonesia.The wind was very strong, I crash a lot :-D, I did zero throttle with air mode enabled but the wind push me far away! LoL.. I am sorry, the video has a little jello because of bent prop and...

Drone Agriculture? 3


The Roswell Flight Test Crew continues to explore the use of drones in agriculture with Dr. Gregory Crutsinger of Scholar Farms. The focus of this outing is how to capture and and interpret multispectral images, which sample narrow bands of visible light, as well as near-infrared light, to indicate the health of crops through a process called...

Drone Agriculture? 2

The Roswell Flight Test Crew heads out to a vineyard in Oregon's wine country with Dr. Gregory Crutsinger of Scholar Farms to learn about the use of drones in agriculture. Over the course of the video, they work with Jason Tosch, the vineyard manager at Stoller Family Estates winery. He wants to use drones to identify weak...

Kirim Darah Pakai Drone

A drone performed what was billed as the “longest-range commercial drone delivery flight in U.S. history,” flying a 79-mile roundtrip at average of 64 miles per hour.  On one occasion, drones delivered 150 pounds of medical supplies in three hours. On another, 57 cargoes were delivered to five different locations in six hours.

Penyemprot Pestisida


Farmers are required to manage acres of farmland at a time, and have recently begun to tap into aerial technology to do so efficiently and sustainably. DJI MG-1S revolutionizes the way in which farmers can utilize drones to manage and take care of their crops. In this video, three individuals in the agricultural drone industry speak of...

Drone Agriculture?


The Roswell Flight Test Crew sits down with Dr. Gregory Crutsinger of Scholar Farms to learn about the use of drones in agriculture. An ecologist by training, Greg worked previously as a professor at the University of British Columbia before moving to Silicon Valley to advance the use of drones in agriculture. He was employed by 3D Robotics and Parrot before creating his own company: Scholar Farms. Through his company, he offers an online masterclass for drones in agriculture. Beyond simply capturing aerial photographs of fields, Greg stresses the importance of using data analytics to create actionable intelligence for farmers. Successful drone pilots will understand the markets that they are serving, whether its vineyards, orchards, nuts or other crops. Operators can begin with drones carrying visible light cameras that they already own, then move into multispectral imaging for data products such as normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) as their business expands. Initial offerings can include orthomosaic imaging, video transects, 360-degree panoramic images. The key to success is building relationships with farmers, not purchasing the latest drone technology. According to Greg, drones are best suited for small-scale, high-value crops: berries, grapes, almonds and so forth.

Spraying Drone

The DJI MG-1P is revolutionizing the way farmers around the globe manage crops. This spraying drone dramatically increases work efficiency with the ability to pre-plan routes and control up to five aircraft at once within a 3-km range. Enjoy safe, reliable flights with automatic obstacle avoidance and altitude adjustment, and monitor progress with real-time HD video transmission.

CAC Spot with Maleo 210


FPV fly for few minutes before work (Saturday Morning) at CAC Spot (Cibubur Aeromodelling Club), I also test my DIY Diversity Video Receiver and Custom Tuned 5G8 Antenna by ORT. Range test by flying low to Runway 27 :-D Supported by: Maleo X 210 G10 Frame with ZMR Carbon Fiber Arms Acro Naze32 Rev 6 -...